It's that time of year again, the Streetwise Annual Gala! This year we are celebrating at the hip new Chop Shop in Bucktown. This place is amazing! And this will be an event not to miss. If you are...Read more
After I brought them home over 4 years ago from the Bachelorette, I attempted to get rid of them. I even had a poll with results suggesting that I should auction them off for an animal rescue...Read more
You may have noticed the blue skyline downtown lately...LIGHT IT UP BLUE! Light It Up Blue is Autism Speaks’ international campaign to celebrate Autism Awareness Month. In 2013, 1,300 cities,...Read more
Join me and a few other guest hosts tomorrow at Mercer to support the Chicago Bulls Charities!Read more
Thanks to my very short-lived notoriety from reality TV stints, I've been fortunate enough to participate in some wonderful charities, fundraisers, and events. I've helped with raising money...Read more
Did you know that the pin is stronger than the post? According to recent data by Piqora, a maker of marketing and analytics software, Pinterest pins last 1,000 times longer than a tweet or post. The...Read more
Ed will be speaking at the 2014 SMART Conference at Chicago's Navy Pier: Conference Info Here...Read more
I had the pleasure of presenting several topics this year at Event Marketer's Event Tech 2013 Conference in Las Vegas. Such a great opportunity to network with digital marketing experts from all...Read more
Once again, I'm looking forward to attending the 6th year of Heroes Ball hosted by Legacy. Austism Speaks is an incredible organization and I'm proud that my company is a huge supporter! Join Host...Read more
I just learned that Woody's Wiffle Ball Classic, an event I was very lucky to be a part of last month, raised almost $500,000. I was one of the D-listers among the dozens of A-list celebs that also...Read more
Last year I was lucky enough to be elected to the board of a very special organization--StreetWise. If you've ever walked the streets of Chicago's neighborhoods, chances are you have seen...Read more
So Proud!,0,873428.storyRead more
Pinterest is today’s hottest new social media platform–and it’s perfect for businesses with small marketing budgets. Capitalize on Pinterest today, and you’ll build a devoted fan base that keeps you...Read more


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