Ed Swiderski is a marketing technology author, Revenue Driver at Radius, and has a love affair with helping organizations turn data into revenue.  The majority of his expertise involves leveraging technologies like Predictive Marketing, CRM and Marketing Automation, to activate revenue.

Ed's expertise includes:

  • Strategy, process, tools, and techniques
  • Implementation and success management
  • Data segmentation and activation
  • Revenue generation and automation

Professional History
Mr. Swiderski began his career with, while attending Michigan State University.  This unique, hands-on experience with a "dot com" was the initial catalyst for his career, and led to immediate opportunities upon graduation. 

After working with a Microsoft Certified Partner for a a few years, Mr. Swiderski was sought out by Microsoft to join the company as Enterprise Services Executive.  In this role, he was responsible for managing several states in the Midwest region, specifically focused on enterprise cloud solutions. Ed's core responsibilities included orchestrating sales, account management and successful delivery of enterprise engagements.

An entrepreneur at heart, Ed eventually left Microsoft to start-up Kambio, a Chicago-based digital marketing agency.  In addition to digital services, Kambio provided a marketing automation platform, capable of delivering web, social and outbound content.  

In June of 2013, Kambio was acquired by partner Legacy Marketing, one of the nations largest independent experiential marketing agencies, based in Chicago.  Ed served as Senior Vice President of Digital Services and Business Development at Legacy.

Ed now serves as CEO of Klever, the first all-in-one CRM, Marketing Automation and Web Content Platform.  His primary initiatives include expanding the customer base and ensuring customer success.

Community Involvement
While Ed is a nerd by trade, his true passion is education.  After graduating from MSU, Ed signed up for the Alumni Association and almost immediately began building his Spartan network.  He started advocating MSU by becoming the Vice President of the regional Chicago Club, and eventually was invited to join the Alumni Board of the College of Communication Arts & Sciences.  Ed fulfilled a six-year term with a select group of Spartans from around the country (and is humbled to be associated with some of the smartest and most successful individuals he knows).

If you live in Chicago, there's a good chance you've come across a Streetwise vendor at some point.  While Streetwise vendors are all over the city, many people don't fully understand the core mission of the organization--including myself until being asked to join the board.  Becoming a board member has opened my eyes to the homeless and underemployed people of our city.  I could not be more proud to be serving on a board with such incredible people.  Currently I serve on the board as the Marketing Committee Lead and Strategy Committee Team Member.  Read more about Streetwise here!  And I'd be happy to take you to lunch to help you better understand our mission and how you can help!

Ed is actively involved in mentoring.  He enjoys working 1-on-1 with hand picked students selected for the Ten4Ten Mentoring Program, created by the MSU College of Communication Arts & Sciences Board.  Mike Smiy is graduate student of the prestigious Peter Stark Producing Program at the University of Southern California, and an Advertising major at Michigan State University prior to that. His entrepreneurial spirit and passion for the entertainment business have been fundamental in the formation of his new production company, Hueline Pictures.

Ed also mentors for SPARK, which provides life-changing apprenticeships to youth in underserved communities across the United States.

He received a Bachelor of Arts in Information Technologies/Management from Michigan State University, and has studied the Masters of Information Systems program from DePaul University.

Outside of his professional career, Ed was also the winner of ABC's The Bachelorette season 5.

Ed co-authored "Pinterest for Business", a business marketing guide focused on leveraging the fastest growing social media network, Pinterest.

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