It’s Not Magic – It’s Data.
It's Not Magic.  It's Data.

I'm a marketing technology author and IBM-er with a life-long career dedicated to helping organizations turn data into revenue.  My passion is leveraging Sales and Marketing technology to help companies activate revenue.

My role as an Enterprise Client Advisor allows me to leverage the full spectrum of my life's work.  I honestly love waking up (almost) every day knowing that my success is completely determined by my ability to guide my customers' and ultimately make them successful.  And that's both my motivation and reward.

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Professional History

I started my career with a dot com startup while attending Michigan State University.  This unique, hands-on experience was the initial catalyst for my career.  It also gave me a peek into the dawn of an industry that was a bit ahead of itself.  It didn't take long for him to realize that twenty-two-year-olds driving Ferraris and Keg Fridays were probably not sustainable, realistic benefits in the technology industry.  But even as the bubble busted, this experience led to immediate opportunities upon graduation.

After working in the Microsoft Consulting Partner world for a couple of years, I was soon sought out by Microsoft to join the company as Enterprise Services Executive.  In this role, I was responsible for managing the Midwest region, specifically focused on packaging up and selling enterprise cloud solutions (my core responsibilities were sales, account management, and minor delivery management).

This was an exciting time--the beginning of the cloud--and there were only a few players (Salesforce, NetSuite and Microsoft).  Because the field was essentially a blank canvas, I had the freedom to create bespoke industry solutions, then bundle them up into re-usable templates for other organizations to leverage.  Success in this role truly opened my eyes to new possibilities.



An entrepreneur at heart, I eventually decided to leave Microsoft to start-up Kambio, a Chicago-based digital marketing agency.  Kambio delivered digital agency services (web development, social content, event management, etc.) via our proprietary, subscription-based,  Lead-to-Revenue platform (combined marketing automation, CRM, and web content management).

In June of 2013, Kambio was acquired by partner Legacy Marketing, one of the nations largest independent experiential marketing agencies, based in Chicago.  I served as Senior Vice President of Digital Services and Business Development at Legacy.


My start-up and entrepreneurial spirit soon led me back to the enterprise Sales and Marketing tech space, and I was presented with an incredible opportunity with Radius, a predictive B2B marketing platform built on the bedrocks of Salesforce and Facebook. 

Community Involvement

While I'm is a nerd by trade, another passion is education.  After graduating from MSU, I signed up for the Alumni Association and almost immediately began building my Spartan network.  I continued advocating MSU by becoming the Vice President of the regional Chicago Club, and eventually was invited to join the Alumni Board of the College of Communication Arts & Sciences.  I eventually fulfilled my six-year term with a select group of Board members from around the country (and humbled to be associated with some of the smartest and most successful people I've ever met).


I also enjoy mentoring, working 1-on-1 with hand picked students selected for the Ten4Ten Mentoring Program, created by the MSU College of Communication Arts & Sciences Board.  Mike Smiy is graduate student of the prestigious Peter Stark Producing Program at the University of Southern California, and an Advertising major at Michigan State University prior to that. His entrepreneurial spirit and passion for the entertainment business have been fundamental in the formation of his new production company, Hueline Pictures.


I've also been a mentor for SPARK, which provides life-changing apprenticeships to youth in underserved communities across the United States. 


I received my Bachelor of Arts in Information Technologies/Management from Michigan State University, and have studied the Masters of Information Systems (MIS) program from DePaul University.  

Michigan State University


Co-author "Pinterest for Business", a business marketing guide focused on leveraging the fastest growing social media network, Pinterest.


One last fun fact outside of my professional career--I was also the winner of ABC's The Bachelorette season 5.

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